A complex trauma informed approach to healing and understanding. Using tarot to delve into the psyche, and original music to ground ourselves.

Tarot Songs Podcast.

One card tarot readings, uniquely backed by original music. Created by artist Feiloka. Every episode will feature a beautiful soundtrack made especially for the tarot card being read. Each tarot card is read with trauma informed sensitivity (not psychology endorsed, lived experience only). Shared experiences may trigger some listeners. Always feel free to skip ahead to the solo music piece towards the end.

WARNING: This may be a triggering podcast.
I may talk about experiences that are triggering for some. I approach it with a trauma informed sensitivity and I share through lived experiences of others and myself. This is not psychology endorsed.

As I delve deep into my psyche and past experiences to uncover the traumas, you may experience discomfort and fears of your own. Your feelings of safety is very important to me and it is ok to not want to hear certain subject matters. Please then skip ahead to the solo music piece (the time signature will be provided in the episode notes).

The podcast is divided into two parts: 1) talking part, 2) solo music part to facilitate your personal reading or creative projects.

There are mental health support groups for anyone needing support. In Australia, these are Lifeline, 1800 Respect, Mensline, Beyond Blue, Blue Knot Foundation.

More On Tarot

The Tarot Card decks I’ll be referring to are the Rider-Waite deck referenced through Joan Bunning, and Barbara Moore‘s steampunk deck.

Who Am I

I am one cishet female on a journey of self education of my own complex trauma. I am an artist and producer. I am a complex trauma survivor. I am an advocate for women and children, and anyone who has experienced or experiencing abuse, domestic violence or any other forms of trauma (or cPTSD).

I am not a psychologist or a registered counsellor. This journey is guided by complex trauma (cPTSD) experiences of myself and others, and inspired by the ability to re-interpret them with the guidance of tarot cards.

For questions please email ohmspodcast[at]gmail.com.