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23 – The Lovers (VI, Major Arcana) Tarot Card Tarot Songs Podcast

The Lovers is a versatile card that doesn't necessarily mean a romantic loving relationship. Put the right two people, or things together, they become more and better than if they were individual. This could be career related, project related, something you're passionate about. Episode notes: at 2m57s title episode starts, at 8m26s music piece starts. For questions email ohmspodcast[at]gmail.com. Visit tarotsongs.wordpress.com.
  1. 23 – The Lovers (VI, Major Arcana) Tarot Card
  2. 22 – Three Of Pentacles (Minor Arcana) Tarot Card
  3. 21 – Two Of Cups (Minor Arcana) Tarot Card
  4. 20 – The Empress (III, Major Arcana) Tarot Card
  5. The Music So Far – Tarot Songs Music Part Five

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