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The Music So Far – Tarot Songs Music Part One Tarot Songs Podcast

I’m going on a short hiatus and will be back in November where the Tarot Songs Podcast will resume. For now, please enjoy all the original music featured in the 19 episodes so far. Delivered in five parts. Part one track listing: 1. Death Comes To Us (Episode 01 Death) 2. Untitled (Episode 03 Ace Of Cups) 3. Blink (Episode 04 Two Of Swords)
  1. The Music So Far – Tarot Songs Music Part One
  2. 19 – Three Of Cups (Minor Arcana) Tarot Card
  3. 18 – The Hierophant (Major Arcana) Tarot Card
  4. 17 – Two Of Wands (Minor Arcana) Tarot Card
  5. 16 – The Ace Of Pentacles (Minor Arcana) Tarot Card

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